Ordering FAQ

When should I place my order and how do I place my order? I request at least 14 days’ notice (21 days for graduation or Ring Day). There is a rush fee for all orders with less than 10 days’ notice*: 4 days’ notice $20; 5 days’ notice=$18; 6 days’ notice=$16; 7 days=$14; 8 days=$12; 9 days=$10. Availability is not guaranteed, the sooner you order, the better. It never hurts to ask if I can squeeze you in, but remember there is a late fee for the inconvenience as I will have to rearrange my schedule and hire a sitter to take my children. To place an order you may send a message via Facebook or call 979-690-7502. Please do not send an email. Please include the following:
1) Date needed and 30 minute window you would like to pick up*
2) Quantity (1 dz minimum)
3) Designs desired (you pick up to 6 designs per dozen)-browse my photos albums on my Facebook page ….NOTE: Aggie shapes are standard. If you would like a design change (i.e. “Howdy” on Texas) there will be an extra charge. This is NOT available for Aggie Ring or graduation.
4) Your email address so I can send an invoice if I am available
5) Would you like them individually wrapped for $4-$6 per dozen?
Your order is not on my calendar until your invoice is paid. There is a rush fee for orders with less than 10 days’ notice. If your invoice is not paid 9 days before pick up/delivery a rush fee will be applied (see above) or I will move on to my waiting list, if there is one. If you send me a request in advance, but you do not include the 5 above ordering criteria, it is not an order, but an inquiry, and will be treated as such until you confirm and pay your invoice. If you then contact me less than 10 days from date needed, a late fee will be applied. Date ordered: ________ 10 day deadline to turn in request and pay: __________ *If you later realize you need the cookies sooner than you stated, there will be a $10/day fee to expedite your order.
What are your prices? Pricing depends on your design request. More colors means more work and therefore pricing goes up with each additional color. Prices start at $30/dozen for 1 color (like a horseshoe) and go up to $50/dz for 10 colors. Company logo cookies start at $3 per cookie and prices increase based on number of letters and colors.
When do I need to pay my invoice? Payment in full must be made 10 days from pick up day. I reserve the right to cancel your unpaid invoice without notice in the “9 days from pick up” window of time. It is not my responsibility to send reminders, although I try my best to do so. If I have a waiting list for your pick up date, I will move on to a customer who is ready to pay.
Where do I pick my cookies up? Cookie pick-ups are at my home. My address and directions are on your invoice. Please print your invoice, or take a picture on your phone so it will always be with you. I am too busy decorating dozens and dozens of cookies on your pick up day, and stopping to give directions when I already gave them to you takes away from my time. I also have 15-20 people picking up cookies each day during graduation/ring day and I might not hear a message alert on my phone. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but this was a huge problem May 2016 graduation when about 15 people messaged me for my address, which I had already given them when ordering. Pick-ups are by appointment, but I let you pick the time. If your schedule the day of pick up is not certain, I still need you to pick a time and you may contact me later, within 10 days of pick up, to change it. You may always change to a later time, but earlier is not always possible. Don’t forget your college student can pick them up. I MUST know when to expect you for many reasons, one of which is if my childrens’ school calls and needs me to pick one of them up, I need to know if there is a break in my schedule. If you are running late, it is common courtesy to call. Pick-ups are not available 2-4:15 as I leave to pick up my children from school. If you try to message me the week of graduation or Ring Day, I most likely will be working non-stop on massive amounts of orders and will not stop to check messages. Please call.
Do you deliver? Delivery is available 8-1:30 and some evenings M-F in College Station for $5 and in Bryan for $10 except the 10 days leading up to Aggie Ring Day or Aggie graduation. Once the delivery time/date is agreed upon between the recipient and me, customer accepts responsibility if recipient does not answer when delivery is attempted. I will call and text recipient after knocking and ringing the doorbell. After 5 minutes I will not wait and recipient must contact me to pick up cookies at my home. Cookies will not be left unattended unless you state in writing that you want me to, then Sweet Station is released of any responsibility.
Can I change my pick up date or time? I try my best to be flexible, but during peak times I will not be able to make your pick up time/date earlier than you arranged. When I have orders for over 50 dozen cookies, I am working each set in the order that it will be picked up. I have a system and all pans are ordered. If my ‘system’ has begun, it will most likely not be possible to move your order ahead of someone else’s. If it is possible there will be a fee of $10/day.
Can I change my quantity or design? All change requests must be made NO LESS than 10 days from pick up. I start planning your order, buying supplies, making dough and icing 10 days in advance. Oftentimes I also make arrangements for help with getting my children to and from their activities. If I am able to accommodate your request, there will be a $10 fee for changes.
What if my event is cancelled and I no longer need cookies? Cancellations must be made no less than 10 days in advance to receive a refund. Any cancellations 10 days or less will not be refunded. Again, I start working on your order 10 days in advance.
Do I need to refrigerate my cookies? Can I leave them in the car? Cookies must not ever be left in cars or other areas that will reach above room temperature. Individually wrapped cookies stay fresh for 2-3 weeks. Cookies in a box will stay fresh for a few days, or you may individually wrap and freeze for up to 2 months. Boxes must lie flat during travel, never in a seat which is concave. Sweet Station is not responsible for the condition of the cookies once they have been picked up by the customer.
NOTE: These policies were created only after several incidents occurred. My children are 6, 8, 10, and 11. My time with my family is precious and I have to protect myself from these things happening again. I had customers order and not pay, I wasted my time trying to contact them but chose to make their cookies anyway because I thought all moms are super busy, especially those planning their student’s graduation parties, they will come through. I easily could have cancelled their orders and moved on to my waiting list. I lost time and money.